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Job Description

When job descriptions are created by someone outside the area doing the hiring, that person may have limited knowledge of the hiring criteria. All the writer of the job description has done is poll the individuals involved in the hiring decision for job requirements, ending up with a wish list a mile long. All of that terminology gets put into the description, hoping that someone will turn up who meets all the requirements.

Often companies say they want someone who is a total expert in a particular area thus making the hiring requirements unrealistic. The person writing the job requirement must make a distinction if he/she wants to hire someone to manage the technology or manage the people who take care of the technology.

When a remarkable person fails to surface, a more focused job description may be generated, often after weeks or months of unsuccessful searching. It is, therefore, CRITICAL that special attention is paid to how the Job Description is developed.

Rules of thumb:

bullet If the new position is to replace a person that had resigned, then evaluate all those skills that the person has brought to the table and what you will miss the most once that person is gone. Traditionally those are “soft skills” or skills relating to interpersonal interactions with subordinates, peers and management.
bullet If the new person is to replace a person recently terminated, then evaluate all the reasons for the termination and ask for missing skills.
bullet Distinguish between a WISH list and a MUST have list of technologies. ONLY include those technologies the person will use in the first 6 months. Most professionals will acquire additional skills as they remain in your employ.
bullet Develop a list of interchangeable skills. Not everyone knows everything you use in-house yet there are many similar technologies.
bullet Define responsibilities that clearly articulate your expectations.
bullet Whenever possible, define upward mobility anticipated for that position.
bullet Above anything else, “What is the person expected to do” and not what you hope for them to aspire to.
bullet Degrees are NOT everything. People with extensive experience and professional curiosity CAN DO an excellent job for you.
bullet DO NOT reject people purely on the contents of their resume. You are hiring competent professionals NOT professional resume writers. Always ask questions.

Specific topics to cover:

bulletCompensation (always use a range)
bulletBonus Structure
bulletNumber of open positions
bulletStart Date
bulletRelocation Allowance
bulletReporting Structure
bulletImmigration Status, i.e. will the company sponsor for H-1 Visas
bulletDrug Testing
bulletBackground Screening
bulletListing of skills
bulletDetailed description of responsibilities
bulletList of any professional certifications and/or Education
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