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"Nothing astonishes men so much as common sense and plain dealing"

Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Never treat your  audience as customers, always as partners"

Jimmy Stewart

The Phone Interview


A Preparation to WIN!

More and more employers use the efficiency of the telephone to do their initial screening of candidates prior to committing valuable project time for a face to face meeting. This process has been found to being extremely time efficient and an effective use of management’s time.

Although from many perspectives many applicants consider the phone interview a major win, it does carry its own pitfalls. On the win side, the image you project, the clothes you wear, the physical impression you make, are totally eliminated.  You can take the interview from the comfort of your own home avoiding traffic jams and or public transportation challenges. The downside of the phone interview is that you can judge the interviewers reactions to your answers, you can’t tell whether they are so much as paying attention to you and their impression is simply based on your verbal communication, the energy with which you answer questions and any other visual impressions which could readily tell as to how well the interview is going.

Preparation, both content and delivery is extremely critical to the process. Keep in mind that your objective is to get an in-person interview where you can truly shine by properly presenting your skills, your interest in the position and your abilities as both team member and a potential leader.

To prepare yourself please consider the following recommendations:

Ø   Learn as much about the company as you can. Comprehensive information about your potential employer can be found on their corporate website or if they are a publicly traded company from the various write-ups published by brokerage firms. If their web site is properly maintained, you will most likely find the job description of the position in question. Review it, assess it, and compose questions relevant to the position. The objective is to sound informed and intelligent should the topics arise.

Ø   Take some notes to remind yourself of points that you may want to make or about things that you might forget. Sometimes people get nervous, just like they do in person. By having a few notes nearby about your role, responsibilities and accomplishments are helpful reminders. Remember, they can't see if you have a manual open to something you might be a little rusty in! They can't see that you have your resume in front of you!

Ø   Practice, Practice, Practice. Ask a friend to call you and listen to you speak. Have that friend give you a critique as to how you sound over the phone. Are you too loud, too soft, speaking too fast or too slow, does your phone work properly, maybe you need to switch from a cordless to a base phone. Don’t be offended with the critique but take corrective actions.

Ø   Make sure that the place where you intend to the interview is quiet and that you are afforded uninterruptible slice of time. Shut off the stereo, TV, and other sound making devices, like your computer. If you have small children, ask your spouse to occupy them while you are on the phone to make sure that your concentration and that of the interviewer is not impacted negatively.

Ø   Keep a pad of paper and a pen in front of you during the interview to take notes about the company, interviewer, team and other relevant issues. Write down questions ahead of time to ask at the end of the interview. Stays focused at all times and do not loose your direction.

Ø   The way you communicate is paramount! Keep in mind that the way you communicate is the interviewer’s only point of reference regarding your capabilities. Your voice is your only sales tool. Don't allow yourself to sound tired or disinterested. Make sure you sound energetic and excited, regardless of questions asked.

Ø   Practice, Practice, Practice. It is critical to your success to rehearse your phone skills.

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  "The one who adapts his policy to the times prospers, and likewise that the one whose policy clashes with the demands of the times does not"
Niccolo Machiavelli